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Fighting to Prevent Serious Consequences from Shoplifting Convictions

Many individuals who make the decision to steal merchandise from a store do so out of desperation, on a dare or because they think no one will get hurt by the crime. Unfortunately, individuals who are charged with shoplifting can quickly find themselves facing the very serious consequences resulting from their decisions. In Florida, shoplifting charges are taken very seriously and can result in stiff penalties, including fines, probation and possible jail time.

At the law firm of Michael J. Griffith, P.A., our Milton shoplifting lawyers leverage more than 35 years of experience to offer skilled defense to clients facing shoplifting charges in the Pensacola area. Our knowledge of the laws and of area courts, judges and prosecutors allows us to offer you the advice you need to understand your charges, the penalties you face and the options you have to defend your future from lasting harm.

Exploring Every Avenue Possible in Your Defense

In many cases, the prosecution will have clear evidence of a shoplifting offense. From video footage of the crime to witness testimony from store security or other shoppers, this evidence can be very difficult to overturn.

On your behalf, our staff will explore every available option to help you protect your future from the harm caused by a conviction. In many cases, especially if this is your first offense or you have no prior criminal record, we may be able to negotiate a plea that helps you avoid a conviction and the penalties stemming from it.

Of course, if a plea or alternative sentencing program is not an option, we will take your case to court to apply pressure on the prosecution to reduce your charges, or to prove your innocence.

If you have been charged with shoplifting, do not wait to contact us; by beginning your defense planning today, you greatly increase your chance of avoiding a conviction. Call 850-433-9922 or contact us online to discuss your charges and learn how we can be of assistance.