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Spinal Cord Injuries

Motorcycle accidents, by their very nature, are often very serious incidents that leave the victims facing painful recovery processes. While most riders are careful to wear protective gear, riders are still much more... Read More

Brain and Head Inuries

Even motorcycle riders and passengers who wear the proper head protection are still at risk for serious brain and head injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident. If you or a loved one has sustained a brain or head... Read More

Road Rash

Individuals who are involved in motorcycle accidents are often prone to a wide range of injuries, including broken bones, brain and head injuries and road rash. Unfortunately, road rash can be a very serious condition... Read More

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience. Unfortunately, when your loss occurred as the result of another party's negligent actions, your loss grief can be compounded by anger and even hatred, leaving you fighting... Read More

After A Motorcycle Accident

Knowing what to do after you have been involved in a motorcycle accident can be incredibly difficult, especially when you have been seriously injured. In many cases, however, victims who have taken the proper... Read More

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

While taking to the road on a motorcycle can be an exciting and joyful experience, riding also exposes you to a great deal of danger and places you at risk for serious injuries. Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately... Read More

Types of Injuries

When you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another party, it can be difficult to understand your options and your rights to pursue compensation for your losses. Consulting an attorney... Read More

Who's At Fault?

While many accidents are cut and dry as to who caused them, some are not so obvious. Unfortunately, no insurance company will ever pay a claim without clear cut or overwhelming proof that their client was at-fault... Read More

Insurance Coverage

As a motorcyclist, it is important to take steps to protect yourself, and your future from an accident. Simply knowing the rules of the road and wearing a helmet and protective gear may not be enough; it's important... Read More

Property Damage

While many personal injury lawyers are focused solely on helping you recover compensation for your medial losses, it can be just as difficult to obtain payment for the replacement of your bike when it has been totaled... Read More

Biker Passenger Rights

Riding on the back of a motorcycle can be an enjoyable and addicting experience. Unfortunately, riding as a passenger on a motorcycle also comes with a great deal of risk; thousands of passengers are seriously... Read More

Motorcycle Defects

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by a wide range of factors, including driver negligence, adverse weather conditions or poor road maintenance. Other factors can also lead to a crash, including motorcycle defects... Read More

City, County & State Liability

While the most common cause of motorcycle accidents may be driver negligence, a shockingly large number of motorcycle crashes are caused by poorly maintained roadways or malfunctioning traffic control systems... Read More

Personal Injury Law (Carryover)

You have been injured in an accident. You may be unable to work. On top of lost wages, you now have medical bills to pay. You may be feeling pressured to make a settlement. You need someone who will fight for your rights... Read More

How To Select An Attorney

I you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another party, it is important to understand your rights and your options for pursuing compensation for your medical bills... Read More

Orlando Motorcycle Lawyer

At the law firm of Michael J. Griffith, P.A., we understand and share your passion for riding; our founding lawyer is an avid motorcyclist who spends much of his free time on the road. Unfortunately, we also understand... Read More

Jacksonville Motorcycle Lawyer

Being injured in a motorcycle accident can be a painful and confusing experience. When your accident was caused by another party's negligence, your situation can take on a whole new set of complications. Fortunately... Read More

Miami Motorcycle Lawyer

In an average year, nearly 10,000 bikers are seriously injured in motorcycle accidents in the state of Florida. In many cases, these accidents could have been avoided with more care by other drivers or better maintenance... Read More

Tampa Motorcycle Lawyer

A day cruising on your motorcycle can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you can ever have. Unfortunately, your enjoyable day can quickly turn to tragedy when another driver fails to notice you, or refuses to... Read More

Pensacola Motorcycle Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence on Florida roadways. Even more unfortunate is the fact that many of these accidents could have been avoided with a little more R attention... Read More

Daytona Motorcycle Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else, it can be difficult to know who to turn to for advice on your legal options. At the law firm of Michael J. Griffith, P.A... Read More

Tallahassee Motorcycle Lawyer

Taking to the road on a motorcycle can be a freeing experience that can be matched by few others. Unfortunately, far too often a day of enjoyment riding quickly turns into a nightmare following an accident; more than... Read More