Santa Rosa County Divorce Lawyers

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Guiding High Asset Couples through Complex Divorce Proceedings

The end of a marriage can be a confusing and emotionally draining experience. When high value assets are involved, the divorce process can take on additional challenges and complications, leaving both parties scrambling to protect the assets they value most. When traversing divorce proceedings involving high value assets or parties with high net worth, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be invaluable in helping you protect your best interests from avoidable harm.

At the law office of Michael J. Griffith, P.A., we have guided countless couples through the divorce process. With more than 35 years of combined experience, our Santa Rosa County divorce attorneys have the skill and knowledge needed to address even the most complicated divorce proceedings. Our detailed approach to divorce proceedings, combined with our willingness to be as aggressive as necessary, have earned us a solid reputation in the Florida Panhandle area.

In our years in practice, we have helped clients traverse divorce proceedings involving a wide range of assets, including:

  • Multiple real estate properties
  • Numerous vehicles
  • Family wealth
  • Investments
  • Business ownership

We will carefully address every aspect of your divorce, including:

  • Division of assets and debt
  • Spousal maintenance and alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support

A Team Approach to Your Complex Divorce Concerns

Divorce proceedings involving high valued assets can quickly become highly contentious. To help you pursue the most favorable resolutions possible our team will take a team approach to your proceedings, insuring that someone in our office is constantly addressing your concerns and planning strategies to help you accomplish your goals.

Throughout your proceedings, your will have a highly experienced attorney working on your behalf, supported by no fewer than three paralegals and the full strength of our administrative staff.

Contact our office online or call 850-433-9922 to discuss your specific divorce concerns and learn how we can be of assistance.