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The realization that your marriage is over can shocking and humbling, or liberating and freeing. Whatever events have led to the decision to end your marriage, the legal process of splitting from your spouse can... Read More

Property & Debt Division

In any divorce, the division of marital property and debts ranks just behind child custody as the most emotionally charged issue to be determined. Whether you are undergoing an amicable parting of ways, or... Read More

Spousal Maintenance & Alimony

As a marriage comes to an end, so too does the financial partnership the couple enjoyed during their union. The loss of that partnership can be very difficult for a spouse who has devoted his or her life to raising... Read More

Premarital & Post Marital Agreements

In today's uncertain world, more and more engaged couples are making the choice to create a prenuptial agreement to protect assets acquired prior to the marriage. Many married couples are also creating post nuptial... Read More

Common Law Marriage

Common law marriage refers to the legal union of couples who have cohabitated the same dwelling for an extended period of time, but have not undergone an official marriage ceremony. While Florida no longer... Read More

High Asset Divorce

The end of a marriage can be a confusing and emotionally draining experience. When high value assets are involved, the divorce process can take on additional challenges and complications, leaving both parties... Read More

Business Owner Divorce

Business ownership is a challenge under the very best of circumstances; add a divorce into the mix and owning a business can quickly become one of the most confusing and frustrating experiences of your life... Read More

Child Custody

Determining placement and care responsibilities for your children can be one of the most important aspects of your divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, child custody issues can also rank among the most difficult matters... Read More

Child Support

In any divorce involving children, custody and support disputes are often the most heated and emotionally draining aspects of the proceedings. Insuring that children receive a stable and healthy home should be the... Read More


When questions of the paternity of a child arise the guidance of an experienced lawyer may be helpful in limiting the emotional strain and frustration that you feel while searching for answers. The proper legal assistance... Read More

Termination of Parental Rights

Terminating parental rights, while seemingly a harsh process, may be in the best interests of the child involved. In fact, parental rights are terminated in a number of situations, including those involving step-parent adoptions... Read More

Same Sex Couples

While Florida law does not recognize same sex marriage, same sex couples encounter the same difficulties as traditional unions. When attempting to dissolve a same sex relationship, the questions of property division and... Read More

Modification & Enforcement of Court Orders

In a perfect world, divorce judgments or settlements would be the end of your legal worries. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of flaws, and divorce proceedings can be just the beginning of your legal battles... Read More

Domestic Violence Issues

Violence between spouses or former married couples is an unfortunately common occurrence. When domestic violence occurs, or false claims of violence are used to influence divorce proceedings... Read More

How To Select A Lawyer

When you have encountered a legal issue that impacts your family's well-being or general makeup, it can be difficult to know who to turn to for guidance. While it's easy to understand that you need a lawyer, it can... Read More